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a majority of our profits for others.

Brewing for good.


A monastic brewery at the Shrine of St. Nicholas

Big Tent,
Lots Of Love.


The first Orthodox Christian monastic brewery was founded by a monk from Mount Athos.  Devotion to quality in prayer, work and relationships means we brew the best beer possible with love and dedication you can taste.  A majority of profits fund charitable works of St. Paul's Foundation.  Brewed at the Shrine of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Patron of Sailors, Brewers and Repentant Thieves in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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No. 2

A Colonial Pale Ale

Our colonial ale is an easy drinking, lightly effervescent, refreshing ale with a balance and tartness similar to what many Marbleheaders drank in the 1700's.  We designed this ale so that it would be something both men and women will enjoy. together.  In the United States it would be called a "pale ale" in the UK it would be called an "extra special bitter", we call it delicious.

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Imagine a Belgian white ale with orange peel and coriander, heavier on the palate, delicious and refreshing as it rolls along your tongue. 

no. 3

A White Ale

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No. 4

An Imperial IPA

A deep golden, yet clear, dry-hopped  Imperial IPA, herbaceous, refreshing and exploding with hoppy goodness. 8.2%

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Ever wonder what Empress Katherine the Great tasked the British brewers with creating so she could enjoy a solid stout sailing the Imperial Yacht on the North Sea?  Look no further.  Seven kinds of the finest English malt and two kinds of hops combine to make one delicious stout.  9.8%

no. 5

An Imperial Stout

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Marblehead Brewing Co. at Shrine of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
124 Pleasant Street, Marblehead, MA 01945

St. Nicholas is currently undergoing renovations, so we are only selling growlers on Thursdays between 5-7 PM.  Want a growler? Email us at and we'll put you on the waiting lis for our weekly distribution!