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Marblehead's Barrel Society

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We are offering 500 memberships (as much as our small brewery can handle with care and attention) providing access to the most finely crafted beers Marblehead will make in 2018 — each will be a work of art in its own way. Our members’ subscriptions will fund the Marblehead Brewing Co.’s expansion in our new facility. Generally you can expect the money to be invested in more barrels and more fermenters to create more beer as well as make some necessary improvements to the property to create a better experience for those who’d like to come and have a pint at the brewery with us. And of course, our Members are voting with their dollars to support a socially responsible company with a quadruple bottom line: Purpose, Planet, People and Profit. And since a majority of our profits support the charitable works of St. Paul’s Foundation, more beer means things get better at home and abroad. Abroad more children in the Middle East will be educated with our Guitars Project learning how to express themselves in positive ways with guitars not guns, more refugees are fed, clothed, sheltered and provided medical care and that generally peace on earth has a better chance. At home it means we can increase our support of worthy causes across Town we support every year.

OK. Sounds good. How does it work?

We’ve designed the Marblehead Barrel Society similar to a farmshare. Members pay for our “crop” up front helping us fund its production, and then reap the bounty of the “harvests” as the year progresses.

For 2018, our first year, discounted growler fills will run from January until December and the barrel aged beers we expect to first start appearing in August 2018. We intended to start production brewing in January, but thanks to good St. Nick we could increase the size of our brewhouse (Huzzah!) so it will take some extra time to fabricate the new, over seven times larger (Huzzah! Huzzah!), tanks and we now plan for beer to be available in August in great quantity (Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!).

First year members are really getting in on the ground floor so they get special treatment. Not only will First Years enjoy monthly updates as we progress towards our goals but they will have two rewards unique to them (in red).

Membership in Marblehead Brewing Co’s 2018 Barrel Society is $350. It includes:

  1. One 2018 Marblehead Brewing Co. Barrel Society Membership Card personalized with the Member’s name and appropriate for gift giving and while we wouldn’t want to say bragging rights (that would be the sin of pride) it will definitely certify the recipient as a Person of Quality in almost any situation. Note: if your order is placed by November 25, 2017, we can guarantee mailing the card by 20 December.
  2. Two bottles each of seven different beers (so fourteen 750mL/25 oz. bottles). At least two of the beers will be barrel aged, all of the beers will be exclusive to the Barrel Society. Maybe drink one and cellar the other? Choose your own adventure. Six brews will be our recipes. The seventh beer will be a crowd-sourced recipe among our Membership.
  3. Growler Discount and One Cool Growler. One stainless steel vacuum insulated 66 oz. growler exclusive to the Marblehead Barrel Society which allows First Years a 10% discount on fills of our Barrel Society Growler for 12 months from the start of our taps. Members can fill their growlers as much as they wish, but are limited to three discounted fills a week.
  4. Two tickets to Marblehead Barrel Society’s Feast Celebrating St. Arnold of Metz. St. Arnold is the patron saint of beer who said, “Don’t drink the water, drink the beer!” He is one of three St. Arnold’s who are patrons of brewers, but besides St. Nicholas, he is Father Brewer’s personal favorite. We will be celebrating great beer and showing our gratitude for your support. We’ll be pouring samples of all current Marblehead Barrel Society beers and perhaps a few other treasures.
  5. Your name lettered on a brass plaque on the wall of the brewery together with the other First Year Members. And did we mention that for the rest of your life you can say you were a First Year Barrel Society Member of the first monastery brewery to have a Barrel Society? How cool is that?
  6. Priority purchase of additional bottles of each beer if the barrels prove more fruitful than expected.
  7. Two drinking glasses exclusive to the Marblehead Barrel Society.
  8. One T-Shirt exclusive to the Marblehead Barrel Society.
  9. First rights to renew your membership for 2019.