MBC Engraved Pewter Tankard
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MBC Engraved Pewter Tankard

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Our English pewtersmith has been making tankards for Marbleheaders since the 1700’s — finally a cup worthy of Marblehead Ale!

We’ve designed our leadless pewter tankards with Marblehead Brewing Co.’s Cannon & Anchor on one side and St. Nicholas’ Monograph on the other.  Underneath we’ll engrave your first initial and last name with space for your children’s names when you’re ready to pass it down.

Your brace of tankards (one that can hang in the Fellowship Hall of St. Nicholas and one that will go home with you) does three things: first, you’ll participate in Marblehead’s history of trade; second, profits from your purchase will help improve St. Nicholas; and finally, did we mention it’s really cool?

Our tankards are made to order and take 6-8 weeks to fabricate and engrave.